Friday, January 16, 2015

Check this movie out!

Remember my buddy Andrew (aka Waveseeker)? Yeah the guy behind those goofy windsurfing movies that I posted over the years... Well he's taking it to 11 with his new creation, a hilarious take on the 2014 Hatteras wave Jam. If you're a little tired of the typical "dude ripping to a song" movie, you have to check this thing out.

Windsurfing Movie 14 - A Brief History of the Wave Jam from Andrew on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

First session of 2015!

We are back in business! December was insane with the holidays and everything. Turns out I ended up not riding for the whole month. So this was a very anticipated session after a long hiatus.
Rooster notes: wind was at E at 40 mph, water was at 40 F, air was at 45 F. I rigged 85L/4.2 m2 at the beginning, which was way too much. Rigged 3.7 and that was just perfect. The cold was not a problem at all. I was actually toasty in the 5.5/4/3 and a rash guard underneath. The main issue was  (as expected), the hands. The Glacier gloves were warm but wearing them just killed my forearms. I think I could have done with open palm gloves. The Gorge winter crowd was there in full today (Trudy, Larry and others), it was great to ride with them!
Oh, and the icing on the cake was a snowboarding session in the afternoon! Good times ;)

Rooster firing up. Picture by Trudy

More Rooster. Thanks Trudy!

Mt. Hood in the afternoon

Above the clouds

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lowering the bar

First cold session in the Gorge! Well, actually it turned out to be not that cold: water was at 50 degrees, air was at 30 when we started but climbed up to 40 by the end. Plus, Rooster has heated restrooms, so no going all Houdini in your car while putting on the wetsuit. It's like cheating almost! Wind was at around 30, so I rigged 85 L and 4.7,  and it was perfect! I really like winter sessions, I don't know why I find cold weather almost more appealing than warm weather. And apparently there's a group of people here in the Gorge who like being splashed in the face with freezing water as well (and they've been doing it for years!), so I look forward to more winter sessions...
Best past of windsurfing: sharing the stoke, no doubts about that...

The icy path the the water, try to walk on ice in sailing booties while holding a rig and being blasted with 30 mph wind

Rigging area

Larry ripping out there

Well within temperature range, by the end of the session ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chicago is on fire

Greenwood Beach, one of the prime wave riding spots near Chicago (Photo by Wavehog Chicago)
The guys in Chicago are having a killer fall season so far, with over 8 days of solid riding this month. Lake Michigan can deliver some epic conditions from the end of September until almost thanksgiving, and it's looking like this year will be a good one. The Lake may not have big predators, but has plenty of things to be scared about: frigid waters, strong currents, gusty winds and man-made obstacles that will chew your gear up. Definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finally a westerly

I was there from one til 3:30... Gusty!
Nice sesh at the Hatch yesterday. 4.7, 85 L. It was gusty but the 4.7 worked just fine, the sweet spot for the 85 L is between 4.7 and 4.2, the rig felt perfect for the conditions. But still I was slogging in the lulls. Hit a couple jumps, rode some nice swell... Good day!
Afternoon at the Hatch 
The river in gentle cycle

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Fall is here

Sick session today at Rooster! The forecast was spot on, it blasted from early morning until around three. When I got there in the morning it was blowing E at 35. Rigged 4.2 and 85 L and got blown off the water. Rigged 3.7 and that was the ticket. East winds on the Gorge are tricky, and i keep saying that. You have to always be sailing as close hauled as you can or you end up way downwind, and down current. Anyway, by 2 it came down to about 30, maybe upper 20s, so I rigged the 4.2 again and got one more hour of pure fun.
In other news, the Fall season in Chicago is firing up and the guys there are hoping for a double sesh this weekend. Today they had crazy conditions at Michigan City, with side shore winds in the 30s and  massive swell. During this time of the year it is not rare to see three days in a row of wind in the 20s and waves in the teens, all you have to do is have the bowels to go out! Trust me, Lake Michigan in the Fall is no picnic. Well done Seeker and Little Bird!

Rooster Rock on a beautiful Fall day

Little Bird (Brian) tearing it up on Michigan City (Picture by Andrew, Wavehog Chicago)

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Scouting the Oregon coast today. Stoped at Manzanita, they say the place fires up when Portland gets hot, so let's see if something happens in the afternoon. Swell is small but that's fine, don't want to get my butt kicked my first time out.
Sunday update: So the wind showed up later on Friday, and Saturday I had stuff going on so I missed a killer day at Rooster. But today I scored at Jones! First time out there, 5.3 and 85 L, the place is weird, but works when the Gorge and the coast are dead.